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Protect your financial future and the stability and well-being of your business or family with an extra liability policy!

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WHY YOU NEED need an umbrella insurance policy? 

When facing lawsuits and financial claims that your traditional policies may not cover, the umbrella insurance policy can protect the future of your family or business.

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How does an umbrella insurance policy work?

  • Protects your financial future by offering coverage in the event of a claim or lawsuit that exceeds the maximum amounts of your primary homeowners, auto or other insurance policies.
  • Offers you protection against exceptional cases of claims where other insurances do not have coverage, such as defamation or slander.
  • Depending on the individual’s need, it may also contain coverage in:
    • Liability coverage for the ownership or keeping of dogs and/or cats.
    • Lessee’s Liability
    • Employer’s Liability Protection.

What is AN umbrella insurance?

Umbrella insurance comes in handy in two cases: 

1. When the expenses of an accident exceed the natural coverage of prior insurance; and, 

2. When you have claims for damages contained in the law that compel financial redress that is not covered by other insurance.

Insurance companies only pay for a portion of accidents when you are responsible, but what about the rest? THAT’S WHEN THE UMBRELLA INSURANCE COMES IN HAND!

If you are covered by a liability policy, you will be protected if you are held responsible for a higher ammount than what your policy covers. In addition to protecting you, it can also reimburse you and your family members for injuries they cause. By protecting your finances and assets, it can also save you money. If you do not pay a liability claim for which you are responsible, you can be sued. Your personal assets could then be at risk.

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Examples of when you may need it

  • In case you need to make financial reparation to someone for a libel, slander or defamation conviction.
  • Cost overruns and lack of economic coverage in your other car insurance policies.
  • Imagine an accident at your house (such as a fire) that also causes damage to your neighbors’ house. Where do you think the money for repairs will come from?
  • If in your RVs you hit another person and cause serious damage! Be a good Samaritan and protect him and yourself with umbrella insurance.
  • If you damage private property with your car.
  • If your pet causes damage to property or a person.

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